SONOST-2000 is a compact quantitative ultrasound(QUS) bone mineral densitometer (BMD) with an easy, quick, simple and safe measurement.


Quantitative Ultrasound (QUS) Bone Mineral Densitometer

Easy & Quick & Simple & Safe Measurement

SONOST-2000 is a dry mode ultrasound bone densitometry that boasts a quick measuring speed of 15 seconds, easy operation and high durability. Its compact design makes it portable enough to use with a laptop anywhere.

Dry-type Ultrasound BMD with No Radiation

SONOST-2000 is a dry-type ultrasound bone densitometry which is free of the radiation. It enables a swift and easy measurement of Calcaneus by calculating the sound of speed (SOS) and Broadband Ultrasound Attenuation (BUA). Due to its compact design, you can use SONOST-2000 with a laptop for your portable measurement.

SOS and BUA for Measurement of BMD

The ultrasound pulse passing through the bones is significantly attenuated with diffusing signals and absorption by the spongy tissues. And QUS bone mineral density is calculated by SOS and BUA, the data obtained from a density differentiating process of sponge tissues.


Measurement Type Ultrasound
Measurement site Calcaneus (Heel)
Measured parameter T-score, Z-score, SOS, BUA, BQI index
Reproducibility SOS – ≤ 1% CV
BUA – ≤ 2% CV
QC check Daily QC phantom
Dimension (W)523mm × (D)286mm × (H)254mm (Calf supporter folded)
(W)523mm × (D)286mm × (H)254mm
Weight 7.8kg



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