BMD, Table DXA

PRIMUS is a whole body analyzer for the BMD(Bone Mineral Density), body composition, skeletal morphology, and Sarcopenia by scanning the whole body or a specific area of the body with its cutting edge Dual X-ray Absorptiometry(DXA) technology.


16 Channel Whole Body DXA for BMD and Body Analysis

State-of-the-art DXA Whole Body Scanning System

PRIMUS quantitatively analyzes the BMD, lean mass and fat mass. You can help your patients to keep their whole body balance and to maintain a healthier life by following the process of continuing diagnosis and management.

Optimized Narrow Fan Beam DXA Technology

Based on the optimized fan beam DXA technology, PRIMUS is leading a new design trend of medical devices with its combination of sophisticated feature and a cutting-edge touch-type console panel

Patient-Oriented Scan Table

A specially devised height of the bed helps the senior patients and those with relatively low height to lie down comfortably, so that they can complete their examination safely.

Multi-channel Detectors for Wide and Fast Scan

Because the multi-channel detectors enable to cover a wide area with higher speed, it can measure the whole body of a patient efficiently.

Convenient Examination

Along with its widened scan area, PRIMUS shortens the examination time with a higher scan speed resulting to a more convenient examination process.

High Resolution for Skeletal Morphological Analysis

Besides the BMD analysis, you can perform the various skeletal morphology analysis by utilizing OsteoSys’s exclusive high-resolution image analysis functions.

TBS(Trabecular Bone Score) on Primus

TBS iNsight™ is a software tool that installs on Primus. This simple, rapid and reproducible method estimates fracture risk based on a determination of bone texture (an index correlated to bone microarchitecture). The result is expressed as a Trabecular Bone Score (TBS). It requires no additional scan time or additional radiation exposure nor extra work for the technician. Once the spine scan is completed on Primus, TBS results are displayed automatically within seconds.

From Osteoporosis to Sarcopenia and Obesity

The body composition function can quantitatively measure the bone, fat, and lean mass respectively and calculate the weight of a patient by adding up all the data of these elements. Moreover, it helps the diagnosis of Osteoporosis, Sarcopenia, obesity and Lipodystrophy.


Measurement Type Whole body DXA (Total body Composition and assessment)
Measurement Method Narrow fan beam
Scan site Whole body, AP spine, Femur(Dual femur), Forearm, Lateral spine, LVA(VFA)
Scan area 2020 × 580mm / 2020 × 620mm(Optional)
Scan time AP spine – 30Sec. (± 2Sec.)
Femur – 25Sec. (± 2Sec.)
Forearm – 23Sec. (± 2Sec.)
Whole body : 7Min.(Ergonomic) / 11min.(Standard mode)
* Depends on height
Reproducibility ≤ 1.0% C.V.
Measured parameter BMD, BMC, BMI, T-score, Z-score, Area, Total body BMD, Total body Composition(Fat/Lean/BMC), HA(Hip Analysis),
Dual femur
Total body composition and various whole body assessment
Orthopedics / Pediatrics / FRAX / B-Scope(body-Scope) / Color mapping / Ergonomic scan / Trend report / DICOM
Dimension (W)2784mm × (D)1045mm × (H)1258mm (Standard)
(W)2284mm × (D)1045mm × (H)1258mm (SB)
Table height 650mm
Weight 210kg
Power consumption 110VAC / 220VAC(+/- 10%)



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